Yesenia was the female from District 7 during The 218th Annual Hunger Games. Her district-partner was Kori Lontz. Yesenia placed 13th out of 24.

Yesenia was 16 years old.


Yesenia is described as being sweet and nice. She had strawberry blonde hair and had one blue eye and one green.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 7

Odds (1 to 24, 1 being best): 10

Day One:

During the bloodbath Yesenia managed to grab a backpack. She then saw Uit running towards her with a sword in his hand. She saw Zoey Pency going through a backpack and ran over to her and kicked her in the back making her trip. She then ran away and looked over her shoulder as Uit killed the girl.


At Day three she heard the Career's approaching her and hide at a cliff. She then falled and died when hitting the ground.