Victorya was the female tribute from District 3 during The 219th Annual Hunger Games. Her district-partner was Empire Wires. Victorya placed 2nd out of 26.

Victorya was 16 years old.


Victorya was saved by Empire Wires at the second day, when the District 7 female tried killing her. Victorya then allied Empire Wires.


She's described as having a cat-ish face, tan skin and brown hair. She's also described as sweethearted and funny.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 3

Odds (26 to 1, 1 being best): 26

Day One:

Victorya survived the bloodbath.

Day Two:

Victorya is attacked by Brie Root from District 7. Empire Wires kills Brie and helps Victorya. They then agree's to make an alliance.

Day Four:

Victorya and Empire has made their own "crib" in the jungle and surrounded it by traps.

Day Five:

Victorya and Empire is waken up by somebody walking into their traps. When Victorya goes to investigate she see's the person has escaped.

Day Six:

Victorya stays at their camp while Empire Wires attend the feast.

Day Seven:

The announcer say's that if the last tributes standing are from the same District they will both win. Victorya and Empire hugs and are very happy.


At Day Eight Scorpio Black found Empire and Victorya's hiding place. He threw a knife in the back of Victorya injuring her. Victorya then watched in horror as Scorpio killed her district-partner. He then killed her.