Victory was the female tribute from District 1 during The 218th Annual Hunger Games. Her district-partner was Pheonix Junder. She placed 7th out of 24.

Victory was 17 years old


Victory was allied with the Career's along with Pheonix Junder, Natasha St.Claire, Mark Stone, Malena Wavings, Thomas Quince, Rye Dean and Azora Wheatings


Victory is described as being seductive and nice. She is also describes as being beautiful, having blonde long hair and having blue eyes

The GamesEdit

Training score: 10

Odds (1 to 24, 1 being best): 1

Day One:

Victory participated in the bloodbath and killed Dan Adams.

Day Two:

During day two she guarded the Career's supplies along with Mark Stone and Azora Wheatings

Day Three:

Victory, Mark Stone and Azora Wheatings goes out hunting. They witness the death of Yesenia Roots and then finds Saul Ruains cave. 

Day Four:

Victory stays behind at the Cornucopia with Mark Stone to guard the supplies.

Day 6:

Victory betrays the Career's and kills Mark Stone and Natasha St.Claire. Azora Wheatings manages to run away from her. 


At day seven Victory was going through supplies when Azora Wheatings sneaked up on her from behind and killed her with her sword. 


During the bloodbath Victory killed Dan Adams. She later killed Mark Stone and Natasha St.Claire