Vanity was the female tribute from District 1 during The 219th Annual Hunger Games. Her districtpartner was Scorpio Black. Vanity placed 13th out of 24.

Vanity was 16 years old.


Vanity was allied with the Career's along with Scorpio Black, Rose, Script Level, Aqua Mirabilis and Mark Seas.


Vanity is described as having brown hair, blue eyes and being sexy. She was also described as desireable and devious. 

The GamesEdit

Training score: 10

Odds (1 to 26, 1 being best): 2

Day One:

During the bloodbath Vanity grabbed throwing knives and looked to see if she could see any tributes. She threw a knife at the District 6 female killing her instantly.

Day Two:

Vanity and the other Career's stay at the Cornucopia to see if any tributes comes to them.


At Day Three, Vanity was in the jungle with the other careers. Her and Mark Seas walked away from the other to flirt when they spotted the District 5 female. Mark killed the girl and they went back to the group. Suddenly a spear came through the air: Hitting Vanity. She died.


Vanity killed one person during the bloodbath; The girl from 6, Unity Poweth