Uit was the male tribute from District 10 during The 218th Annual Hunger Games. His district-partner was Jone DePaul. Uit placed 5th out of 24.

Uit was 15 years old.


Uit is described as having brown hair and being very quiet as well as shy.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 3

Odds (1 to 24, 1 being best): 22

Day One:

During the bloodbath Uit grabbed a sword and he quickly noticed Yesenia Root from District 7. He chased her but when Yesenia kicked the District 6 female in the back, while running away from him, making her trip he quickly killed her.

Day Two:

Uit is attacked by a snake-mutt but he kills it and eats it.

Day Three:

Uit see's his district-partner and kills her.

Day Six:

Uit has made himself a little cabin. He also reveals his strategy is to kill everyone he can.


At Day eight Uit is shown among the fallen. It's not known why he died or what killed him.


During the bloodbath Uit killed Zoey Pency. Uit later kills his district-partner Jone DePaul.