Tidal was the female tribute from District 4 during The 220th Annual Hunger Games. Her district-partner was Antero Lisin. Tidal placed 3rd out of 28.

Tidal was 17 years old.


Even though being from a Career-district Tidal didn't want to join the Career's. She allied with Senner Leif from District 6.


Tidal had black hair with blue stripes and yellow eyes.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 10

Odds: 4-1

Day One:

Tidal and Senner Leif rushed towards some supplies and then ran away from the bloodbath.

Day Three:

Tidal and Senner finds a little forest and a hole filled with water. They start filling up their bottles but Tidal asks Senner to keep guard. Senner places her head between two trees and when Tidal tried to get her to leave she had an axe in her face. The District 7 male then threw his axe at Senner killing her. Tidal then flee'd.

Day Four:

Tidal decides to go hunting for District 7 tributes and she finds Imogene Odana. She then shoots at her with her bow and arrow, hurting her. Then the boy drags her into the forest and Tidal misses when she tries hitting him in the head with an arrow.

Day Five:

Tidal heads back to the forest to find Cashel Breeze but does not find him. 

Day Six:

During the feast Tidal got her bag and shot Quinthia Sandstorm with an arrow, hurting her.


At day seven Tidal went to the Cornucopia to kill Brick Bombard and Capri Pinore. She saw Brick inside the Cornucopia and shot him in the chest. Instead of dying he got furious and jumped over Tidal. He then dug his nails into her skin and ripped out her throat.


At day four she kills Imogene Odana

At day six she kind off kills Quinthia Sandstorm even though Brick kills her out of mercy.