The 220th Annual Hunger Games was SuperTomato's third Hunger Games. There was 28 tributes (The Capitol - District 13) and one victor being Capri Pinore from District 13.

It was the first Games which wasn't decided by

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The arena was very nice consisting of dry climate, beaches, caves and even a little forest. The Cornucopia was at the beach.


District Tribute User
The Capitol Yenna Sunflo Jsm13athome
The Capitol Burgandy Rip AxedFox
District 1 Amelia Lockhart Katniss Jane Mellark
District 1 Josh Eagleye Bluefire16
District 2 Quinthia Sandstorm Write46747
District 2 Brick Bombard LightStone123
District 3 Synch Mirage IHGWIKI
District 3 Cyber Bytes The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 4 Tidal Fynn The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 4 Antero Lisin Wesolini
District 5 Illuminate Sensorium The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 5 Lopperise Noll Hungergamelover2121
District 6 Senner Leif Thena.airice14
District 6 Levi DeCruz EvilhariboMadness
District 7 Imogene Odana Wesolini
District 7 Cashel Breeze AxedFox
District 8 Amanda Hawks Bluefire16
District 8 Malek Rath EvilhariboMadness
District 9 Hopeabelle Whittle EvilhariboMadness
District 9 Shawn Lane Write46747
District 10 Hailey Ricktor Bluefire16
District 10 Colt Cook LightStone123
District 11 True Miaell IHGWIKI
District 11 Baton Ridge IHGWIKI
District 12 Ember Blaze LightStone123
District 12 Pyro Vuldren The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
District 13 Capri Pinore Cloveismywife
District 13 Kallum Briget Thena.airice14