Script was the male tribute from District 2 during The 219th Annual Hunger Games. His district-partner was Rose. Script placed 8th out of 26.

Script was 18 years old.


Script was allied with the Career's along with Vanity Twilight, Scorpio Black, Rose, Aqua Mirabilis and Mark Seas. Script was their leader.


Script was very harsh and bruteish. He had white skin, an afro and beard.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 11

Odds (1 to 26, 1 being best): 1

Day One:

Script and the other career's attended the bloodbath and Script killed the District 12 female.

Day Two:

Script and the other career's stay's at the Cornucopia.

Day Three:

Script was in the jungle with the other career's hunting for tributes. Mark Seas and Vanity Twilight walked away from the group and when they came back they bragged about killing the District 5 female. A little while later Script witnesses Vanity getting killed by someone throwing a spear.

Day Four:

Script and the other career's falls down in the water after the suspension bridge collapsses. He woke up by Scorpio waking him up after the fall. Later Script witnesses Scorpio Black killing Cassius, the 12 male.

Day Five:

Script and the rest of the career's goes out hunting for tributes but dosen't manage to find anyone.


At the morning on day six Script disappears from the camp. He leaves the career's in the search of water. It's confirmed that he was killed by mutts later.


Even though being the deadliest Career and survivng quite long, Script only managed to get one kill. He killed Rose Greyser from District 12 during the bloodbath.