Scorpio is the victor from District 1 during The 219th Annual Hunger Games. His district-partner was Vanity Twilight. Scorpio won the Games.

He was 18 years old when he won.


Scorpio was allied with the Career's during the Games along with Vanity Twilight, Rose, Script Level, Aqua Mirabilis and Mark Seas


Scorpio is described as being flirty, cocky and ruthless. He also have dark blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 9

Odds (1 to 26, 1 being best): 4

Day One:

Scorpio was stationed to the right of Brie Root and to the left of Morgan Roan. Scorpio fought among the other Career's during the Games. He killed the District 9 male during the bloodbath.

Day Two:

Scorpio stays at the Cornucopia with the other career's too see if anyone tries to steal anything from them.

Day Three:

Scorpio is out in the jungle with the other careers. He feels jelous of Mark Seas for flirting with Vanity Twilight, not because Vanity is pretty, but because of sponsors. Later that day he witnesses Vanity's death.

Day Four:

Scorpio argues with Mark Seas whether they should go out hunting our not. The other Career's want's to hunt and Scorpio is downvoted. When they walk over the suspension bridge it collapsses. Scorpio wakes up Script Level and then Aqua comes along. Later that day they see Cassius from District 12 and kills him.

Day Five:

Scorpio is out hunting with the other careers. He starts thinking about the other's forming a huge alliance to take down the careers.

Day Six:

Scorpio wakes up by a cannon and he notices Script Level has gone. Aqua is worried he was killed. After a little while the announcer announce that there will be a feast in an hour and that Script was killed by mutts. Scorpio then starts planning what to do at the feast along with Aqua. Scorpio and Aqua goes to the feast and they meet Alex Johnson and Raven Emerald which had formed an alliance. Scorpio kills Raven and he and Aqua runs after Alex.

Day Seven:

Scorpio hears the announcer saying there will be two victors if they're from the same district. He then kills Aqua.

Day Eight:

Scorpio walks into the jungle watching out for any traps. He then see's the tributes from 3 eating breakfast. He throws a knife at the girl injuring her and fights the male, killing him. He then walks over to the girl and stabs her.


During the bloodbath Scorpio killed Sun Can from District 9. 

At Day Four Scorpio and the other Career's finds Cassius. Scorpio kills him.

He later killed his last ally Aqua Mirabilis.

On the last day he killed both tributes from District 3; Empire Wires and Victorya Dolwyn.