Kallum was the male tribute from District 13 during The 220th Annual Hunger Games. His district-partner was Capri Pinore. Kallum placed 8th out of 28.

Kallum was 14 years old


Kallum was in an alliance with True Miaell and Baton Ridge from District 11.


Kallum is described as having a chubby face, wearing glasses and having reddish brownish hair with a yellow fringe.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 6

Odds: 14-1

Day One:

During the bloodbath Kallum and his alliance was looking for supplies. Suddenly Amanda Hawks, Josh Eagleye and Brick Bombard notices them and runs after them. Kallum and Baton escapes while witnessing their ally True getting killed.

Day Two:

Kallum and Baton are discussing how to avenge True on the beach. Kallum says he was up all night making traps and Baton laughs at him. Suddenly they see Career tributes heading their way and starts running. One of the career is killed by Kallum's trap while they escape.

Day Three:

Kallum and Baton uses the day to make more traps.

Day Four:

Kallum and Baton Ridge is starteled when something falls dow in a hole. They're hoping for a deer but is surprised when they see Lopperise Noll down in the hole. Baton then kills him.

Day Five:

While Kallum and Baton is eating someone sneaks up on Kallum and places his axe to his throat starting to ask Baton about who killed his district-partner. The boy was Cashel Breeze from 7. Baton then starts lying, as he understand's the boy has went insane, As soon as Cashel removes his axe Baton throws a spear in his abdomen killing him. Kallum is then very thankful.


Later at day five Kallum and Baton climbs up a little mountain not knowing that Illuminate Sensorium is stalking them. Illuminate then throws a knife at Kallum, killing him.


At day two Kallum kills Amelia Lockhart from District 1 with his traps.

He's traps is also the main-reason why Lopperise Noll is killed even though he was killed by Baton Ridge