Jianna was the female tribute from District 13 during The 219th Annual Hunger Games. Her district-partner was Pita Cork. Jia placed 6th out of 24.

Jianna was 18 years old and she was called Jia.


Jia is described as being skinny, having mexican skin and short spiky black hair. She's also described as being confident and she didn't take well to pity as well as she didn't take any crap from anyone.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 7

Odds (1 to 26, 1 being best): 11

Day One:

Jia was placed to right of DeJohn Young and to the left of Rose Greyser During the countdown Jia thought that she should've allied Cassius from District 12. She also points out Sun Can from District 9 looks smart. During the bloodbath she ran into the Cornucopia. When she was about to leave she noticed someone coming inside but she threw a spear at her killing her. She then ran away and climbed up a tree.

Day Four:

Jia recievs food and water from sponsors but keeps camping in the tree.

Day Five:

Jia was quite near the District 3 tributes camp and stepped at a trap. She hurt her leg but managed to hide when Victroya Dolwyn walked over to see if anyone was hurt. 


During the feast she waited until there was only her and Empire Wires' bags left. She then snuck up on him from behind and when he begged her to let him go she refused. He then jumped on her, pinned her to the ground and strangeled her to death with a wire.


During the bloodbath Jia killed Morgan Roan, the District 10 female.