Ingrid was the female tribute from District 5 during The 218th Annual Hunger Games. Her district-partner was Joe Torza. Ingrid placed 6th out of 24

Ingrid was 18 years old.


Ingrid was originally a loner but she allied with Dimitria Pod later in the Games.


Ingrid is described as being pale with a lot of moles, having brown dreadlocks and being skinny. She was also a badass and kind to people she liked.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 6

Odds (1 to 24, 1 being best): 12

Day One:

Ingrid survived the bloodbath. She was almost killed by Mark Stone when running into the forrest, but he missed when he tried throwing a knife at her.

Day Three:

Ingrid was seen by Dimitria Pod outside of Dimitria's cave. Ingrid tells her she has no weapon and if she dosen't kill her she will remember it and stay in debt. Dimitria says it's okay and Ingrid leaves.

Day Five:

Ingrid returns to Dimitria Pod's cave, and this time she has a weapon. She is seen by Dimitria and lies and tells her she wanted to form an alliance with her, even though she was just looking for something to steal. Dimitria accepts. Ingrid regrets she didn't kill her and she reveals she dosen't trust Dimitria.

Day Seven:

Ingrid and Dimitria Pod's alliance starts working out pretty well and they agree's that they will stay hidden.


At Day eight Dimitria wakes up in the middle of the night and she states can't take it anymore. Dimitria walked over to her and started strangeling her. Ingrid waked up but there was nothing she could do.