Illuminate was the female from tribute from District 5 during The 220th Annual Hunger Games. Her district-partner was Lopperise Noll. Illuminate placed 5th out of 28.

Illuminate was 15 years old.


Illuminate was allied with the Anti-Careers with Synch Mirage, Cyber Bytes, Lopperise Noll, Malek Rath, Hopeabelle Whittle and Capri Pinore


Illuminate is described as having red hair, green eyes and glasses.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 6

Odds: 14-1

Day One

She was possibly stationed next to Cashel Breeze. In the end of the bloodbath she was commanded to run away by Synch Mirage along with Hopeabelle Whittle. They run away and meets up with the other survivors after the bloodbath.

Day Two:

Illuminate is the new leader of the Anti-Career's and they spot Colt Cook. He want's to ally them but they refuse. He then kills the District 9 female and then he's killed by Illuminate.

Day Three:

The Anti-Career's stays at their camp.

Day Four:

Illuminate and the rest of the Anti-Career's is waken up by two cannons. Suddenly one of them sees some crabs and they flee in different directions when they realize the crabs can kill them.

Day Five:

Illuminate see's Kallum Briget and Baton Ridge. She climbs up a little mountain following them and throws a knife killing one of them. She then runs away.


At day six there was a feast which Illuminate attended. When she saw the girl from two laid on the ground seriously injured and her district-partner standing over her she didn't hesitate: She ran towards Brick Bombard but Quinthia saw her since she was still alive and told him. He turned around and killed her.


At day two Illuminate kills Colt Cook from District 10.

At day five she kills Kallum Briget from District 13