Hopeabelle Whittle was the female tribute from District 9 during The 220th Annual Hunger Games. Her district-partner was Shawn Lane. Hopeabelle placed 18th out of 28.

Hopeabelle was 14 years old and she was nicknamed Hope.


Hope allied the Anti-Career's along with Synch Mirage, Cyber Bytes, Illuminate Sensorium, Lopperise Noll, Malek Rath and Capri Pinore.


Hopeabelle had long curly blonde hair and blue eyes.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 6

Odds: 14-1

Day One:

Hope joined the Anti-Career's in the bloodbath. When a lot of tributes had been killed Synch Mirage ordered Hope and Illuminate Sensorium away. They then ran away from the bloodbath towards the meetingpoint. She also witnessed Colt Cook killing Pyro Vuldren.


At day two the Anti-Career's finds Colt Cook. He tries to join them but they are sceptical towards him because of Malek Rath betraying them. Hope then says she saw Colt killing Pyro Vuldren from his alliance and they decides to kill him. Colt then swings his sword killing Hope.