Empire was the male tribute from District 3 during The 219th Annual Hunger Games. His district-partner was Victorya Dolwyn. Empire placed 3rd out of 26.

Empire was 17 years old.


At day two, Empire saves his district-partner Victorya Dolwyn's life and they agree to be in an alliance.


Empire is described as having ashen skin, black hair and being thin. He was also likeable and smart.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 7

Odds (1 to 26, 1 being best): 10

Day One:

Empire feared for his life during the countdown but managed to keep his head cold during the bloodbath. 

Day Two:

Empire watches as Brie Root attack his district-partner. He sneaks up behind her and kills her. He then helps Victorya and then agree's to be in an alliance with her.

Day Four:

Empire say's him and Victorya is a great team and says they've gotten a little base in the jungle which are surrounded by traps.

Day Five:

Empire and Victorya Dolwyn wakes up by a scream. Empire stays at the camp while Victorya checks out who went in their traps.

Day Six:

Empire agree's that he'll go to the feast while Victorya stay at the camp. He went to the Cornucopia and saw the Career's killing the District 6 male and chasing the District 5 male. He then ran towards his bag but was surprised when the District 13 girl showed up behind him. He dodged her when she swung her sword and pinned her to the ground choking her with a wire; killing her. He then returned back.

Day Seven:

Empire and Victorya is very glad when it's announced two people from the same District may win.


At day eight, Scorpio Black sneaks up on them and throws a knife at Victorya Dolwyn. Empire and Scorpio then starts fighting but Scorpio kills him.


At day two he kills District 7 female Brie Root when she's trying to kill Victorya.

At day six he kills Jianna Saint Rosa with a wire. 

Empire just killed people when he had too.