Dimitria PodEdit

Dimitria Pod is the victor of the The 218th Annual Hunger Games. Her district-partner was Rickey Dean. After the Games She has been mentoring tributes from District 3.

Dimitria was 13 years old when she won her Games.

Personality and AppearenceEdit

Dimitria is described as being tall and beautiful. She is also described as shy and smart. She also finds it hard to trust people.

The 218th Annual Hunger GamesEdit

Training score: 5

Odds (They are numberred 1 to 24, 1 being the best): 17

Day One:

Dimitria ran into the bloodbath and she stole the bag Brann Clatch from District 6 wanted to have. She then ran away.

Day Three:

It's not known what Dimitria did at Day 2, but on the third day she walked towards the cave she had found and met the girl from 5 (Ingrid Lovette, who stated that she didn't have any weapon and asked if she could go. Dimitria let her go.

Day Five:

Dimitria forms an alliance with Ingrid Lovette after meeting her in the cave one more time. Ingrid reveals she was actually looking for things to steal when Dimitria surprised her. Dimitria does not trust her, though

Day Eight:

Dimitria wakes up in the middle of the night and kills Ingrid. 

Day Nine:

Dimitria is looking for food, and when she's out on a cliff, Azora Wheatings reveals she's following her by saying: "Game Over". She starts approaching Dimitria but suddenly a T-Rex mutt runs out on the cliff as well; making it collapsing, killing Azora and injuring Dimitria.

Day Ten:

Dimitria and the rest of the tributes recieves a sword from sponsors and is told by the game-makers that if they're not at the Cornucopia within an hour they will die. Dimitria starts walking as soon as possible because she has a bad leg. The girl from 8 didn't make it in time, so now there was only her and another tribute remaining. She concluded that the District 6 male was inside of the Cornucopia. She walked inside and he attacked her; being millimeters from slitting his throat she swung her sword and decapicated him.


Dimitria killed the girl from 5, Ingrid Lovette. She also killed the boy from 6, Brann Clatch.