Colt Cook was the male tribute from District 10 during The 220th Annual Hunger Games. His districtpartner was Hailey Ricktor. Colt placed 17th out of 28.

Colt was 15 years old.


Colt allied his District-partner Hailey Ricktor and the District 12 tributes; Ember Blaze and Pyro Vuldren.


Colt had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was thin and kind of tall.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 6

Odds: 14-1

Day One:

Colt grabs a spear and throws it at the first person he see's being his ally Pyro Vuldren. After a little while he witnesses his last ally Ember Blaze getting killed by Capri Pinore and runs away when realizing his the last one left from their alliance.


At day two Colt was walking around on the beach when he told Panem they shouldn't blame District 10 for Pyro's death. He was really frustrated for not noticing his ally before it was too late. He then turned around and saw the Anti-Career's standing there. He tried to join them but they declined. He then swung his sword killing Hopeabelle Whittle but was then killed by Illuminate Sensorium.


In the bloodbath Colt killed his ally Pyro Vuldren by an accident.

At day two he killed Hopeabelle Whittle before getting killed.