Cherry was the female tribute from District 11 during The 219th Annual Hunger Games. Her district-partner was DeJohn Young. Cherry placed 12th out of 26.

Cherry was 14 years old.


Cherry had dirty blonde hair, peach skin, blue eyes and rosy cheeks. She was spunky and sweet.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 9

Odds (1 to 26, 1 being best): 6

Day One:

Cherry participated in the bloodbath and tried grabbing a backpack and an axe. She relied on sponsors because of her high training score.

Day Two:

Cherry hides near the Cornucopia and watches the Career's.

Day Three:

Cherry stole a bottle, food and weapons from the Careers. She then walked down to the water, and was attacked by a boy who pushed her under the surface. She had a knife in her hand and killed him. 


At day three; Right after Cherry had killed the boy she panicked and ran over a bridge. She was afraid the Career's had heard her. She ended up in a snowy area and she kept walking, but she then forgot which way she came from. Cherry was dead in the evening and we may assume she froze to death.


At day three she was attacked by the District 10 male Bohan Undan. She killed him with her knife.