Capri was the female tribute from District 13 and the victor of The 220th Annual Hunger Games. Her District-partner was Kallum Briget. Capri won the Games.

Capri was 16 years old during the Games.


Capri was in the Anti-Career's alliance along with Synch Mirage, Cyber Bytes, Illuminate Sensorium, Lopperise Noll, Malek Rath and Hopeabelle Whittle.


Capri has long black hair, brown eyes, freckles and she's thin.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 8

Odds: 8-1

Day One:

Capri was stationed next to Cyber Bytes. During the bloodbath Capri fough along with the Anti-careers. She was attacked by Ember Blaze but she stabbed her to death. After a little while Capri and Synch Mirage was the last people left except Career's. Synch then grabs her and points in the direction where the rest of the alliance ran. Synch stays behind as Capri runs to find her alliance

Day Two:

At day two Capri and the rest of her alliance meets Colt Cook. He want's to join them but they don't let him in. He then kills Hopeabelle Whittle and is killed by Illuminate Sensorium.

Day Three:

Capri and the rest of her alliance stay's at their camp. They discuss whether or not they should spy on the Career's and comes up with the conclusion of not spying on them.

Day Four:

Capri and the rest of her alliance is out on the beach when they spot crab-muttations. When realizing what it is everybody runs in a different direction.

Day Six:

During the feast Capri spot's Amanda Hawks as she runs after Baton Ridge. She watches as Amanda kills him and then she kills Amanda.

Day Seven:

Capri runs to the Cornucopia and hides inside it when she realizes there's only 3 people left including herself. After a while Brick Bombard walks in and see's her. They start fighting and just when he's about to kill her an arrow hits him in the chest. He drops his sword and looks at Tidal Fynn. He then runs towards her rips her throat out using his bare hands. Capri see's her oppurtunity as Brick has his back against her and runs towards him stabbing him with her sword becoming the victor.


At the bloodbath Capri kills Ember Blaze from District 12

At day six she kills Amanda Hawks from District 8

At day seven she kills Brick Bombard from District 2