Burgandy Rip was the male tribute from The Capitol during The 220th Annual Hunger Games. His district-partner was Yenna Sunflo. Burgandy placed 15th out of 28

Burgandy was 18 years old.


Burgandy allied his districtpartner Yenna Sunflo.


Burgandy had blonde short hair, tanned skin, maroon eyes and a muscular figure.

The GamesEdit

Training Score: 7

Odds: 10-1

Day One:

Burgandy and Yenna Sunflo runs into the bloodbath but Burgandy soon realizes the bloodbath isn't anything for them and he grabs Yenna and starts running away. They are seen by Antero Lisin and he throws his trident hitting Yenna in her head. Burgandy keeps running. He found himself a little cave and stayed there while being sad becuase of Yenna's death.

Day Two:

Burgandy survives this day and isn't seen by anyone.


At day three Burgandy suddenly noticed the Career's. It was too late 'cause Quinthia Sandstorm threw a spear in his abdomen and then Antero Lisin threw his trident at him, killing him.