Brick was the male tribute from District 2 during The 220th Annual Hunger Games. His district-partner was Quinthia Sandstorm. Brick placed 2nd out of 28.

Brick was 17 years old.


Brick was in an alliance with the Career's which consisted of Amelia Lockhart, Josh Eagleye, Quinthia Sandstorm, Antero Lisin and Amanda Hawks from District 8.


Brick is described as being large and muscular, having black hair and blue eyes. He was also tall.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 10

Odds: 4-1

Day One:

Brick and the other Career's took part of the bloodbath. Brick killed the District 10 female during the bloodbath.

Day Two:

Brick and the other careers goes out hunting for other tributes. They spot Kallum Brigetand Baton Ridge but is distracted when Amelia Lockhart is killed by Kallum's trap.

Day Three:

Brick is eating with the other Career's when they spot another tribute. The tribute is taken down by Antero Lisin and Quinthia Sandstorm.

Day Four:

Quinthia notices one some of the Career's waking up and then she notices a shadow standing over Brick. She then kills the shadow and Amanda Hawks runs away. Brick is very thankfull for her saving his life.

Day Five:

Brick and Quinthia Sandstorm attends the feast but Quinthia is hit by an arrow. Brick then throws himself to the ground and starts helping her. Suddenly she yells that someone is behind him and he turns around killing Illuminate Sensorium. He then kills Quinthia out of mercy.


At day six there was only three tributes left including Brick. He walked to the Cornucopia and was frustrated that the others were hiding. He yelled and walked inside the Cornucopia where he found Capri Pinore he battled her and just when he was about to kill her an arrow hit his chest. He turns around and sees Tidal Fynn. He then rushes forward and jumps over her; killing her with his bare hands. Capri then runs up to him from behind and stabs him in the back with a sword.


During the bloodbath Brick killed Hailey Ricktor from District 10.

At day five he kills Illuminate Sensorium while trying to help Quinthia. A couple of seconds later he kills Quinthia Sandstorm out of mercy.

At day six he kills Tidal Fynn by ripping up her throat using his hands.