Brann was the male tribute from District 6 during The 218th Annual Hunger Games. His district-partner was Zoey Pency. Brann place 2nd out of 24.

Brann was 16 years old.

Description Edit

Brann is described as being helpful and smart. He had brown hair and brown eyes and he had a lot of muscles.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 5

Odds (1 to 24, 1 being best): 14

Day One:

During the bloodbath Brann suddenly realized that there wasn't many tributes left except Career's. He Victory Gracelynn killing Dan Adams and then he ran into the forrest only having a spear.

Day Three:

et's Brann throws his spear at a big bird in a tree and hits but the bird get's stuck between some branches. Brann then climbs up. He got the bird but then noticed someone was beneath him. He then saw another person sneaking up on her and decapicating her. He witnessed Uit killing Jone DePaul.

Day Four:

Brann spot's Azora Wheatings and Malena Wavings standing in front of a tree. He takes the chance and throw the spear at the girls hitting Malena. He then runs away.

Day Five:

Brann makes a new spear out of wood

Day Six:

Brann find's an injured girl laying uncouncius on the ground and kills her out of mercy. 

Day Nine:

Brann hides the whole day.


At Day Ten Brann learns that he have to get to the Cornucopia within an hour. He also get's a sword by his sponsors. He get's there first and hides in the shadows inside of the Cornucopia behind a crate. One of the girl's dosen't make it and suddenly Dimitria Pod enter's the Cornucopia. Brann jumps up and tries to kill her but he is millimeters away from hitting her throat. Dimitria then swings her sword decapicating him. 


Brann kills Malena Wavings at Day three. He also kills Kat Syler