Baton was the male tribute from District 11 during The 220th Annual Hunger Games. His districtpartner was True Miaell. Baton placed 7th out of 28.

Baton was 16 years old.


Baton formed an alliance with his district-partner True Miaell and Kallum Briget from District 13.


Baton had black skin, brown hair, brown eyes and he was tall.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 7

Odds: 10-1

Day One:

Near the end of the bloodbath his alliance was seen by three of the Careers. They started running but True Miaell was killed by a Career.

Day Two:

Baton and Kallum Briget is relaxing when they see the Career's walking towards them, they start running but the Career's stops looking for them when one of them is killed by Kallum's trap.

Day Three:

Baton and Kallum Briget hides and does not encounter any tributes.

Day Four:

Baton and Kallum notices someone has falled down in one of their traps and when seeing it's a tribute Baton kills him.

Day Five:

While eating Cashel Breeze from District 7 see's them and sneaks up from behind holding his axe against Kallum's throat. When Baton talks him out of killing them he lower his axe and he then throws a spear in the tribute's stomach killing him. Later they climb up a little mountain and they're stalked by Illuminate Sensorium without knowing it. She throws a knife at Kallum and he dies after a little while.


Baton is woken up by the Game-makers arranging a feast. Baton was the first one to get to the Cornucopia and he grabbed his and Amanda Hawks' bag. When she realized this she ran after him and yelled stop. He turned around and was killed by her.


At day four Baton kills Lopperise Noll from District 5 after he fell down one of their traps.

At day five Baton kills Cashel Breeze from District 7 when he realeses Kallum.