Azora Wheatings was the female tribute from District 9 during The 218th Annual Hunger Games. Her district-partner was Saul Ruains. Azora placed 4th out of 24.

Azora was 14 years old.


Azora was in the Career's alliance along with Victory GracelynnPheonix JunderNatasha St.Claire, Mark Stone,  Malena WavingsThomas Quince, and Rye Dean


Azora is described as being kind to everyone, sweet, spunky and optimistic. She had orange hair, freckles and brown eyes.

The GamesEdit

Training Score: 8

Odds (1 to 24, 1 being best): 8

Day One:

Azora didn't kill anyone in the bloodbath, and after the bloodbath was over she comforted Malena Wavings after her district-partner was killed. She formed a friendship with Malena.

Day Two:

Azora stayed at Cornucopia guarding supplies along with Victory Gracelynn and Mark Stone

Day three:

Azora, Mark Stone and Victory Gracelynn goes out hunting for other tributes. She witnesses Yesenia Root falling off a cliff and she covers her eyes when Mark Stone kills her district-partner Saul Ruains.

Day Four:

Azora, Malena Wavings and Natasha St.Claire goes out hunting for tributes. Suddenly Natasha see's something up in a tree and climbs up. Then someone throws a spear in the back of Malena and she and Natasha tries saving Malena but fails.

Day Six:

Azora watches in horror as Victory Gracelynn betrays them and kills Mark Stone and Natasha St.Claire. Azora runs away from the Cornucopia without any supplies except the sword she was holding.

Day Seven:

Azora goes back and sneaks up on Victory Gracelynn killing her and getting revenge after she betrayed them. Azora is now the last Career alive.

Day Eight:

Azora hides and watches the fallen.


At Day Nine Azora see's Dimitria Pod standing on a cliff. She runs out on the cliff, which leaves Dimitria trapped. Suddenly a T-rex mutt runs towards them making the cliff collapsing. Azora is killed by the fall.


Azora killed Victory Gracelynn to avenge Mark Stone and Natasha St.Claire.