Amelia Lockhart was the female tribute from District 1 during The 220th Annual Hunger Games. Her districtpartner was Josh Eagleye. Amelia placed 19th out of 28.

Amelia was 17 years old.


Amelia was with the Career's along with Josh Eagleye, Quinthia Sandstorm, Brick Bombard, Antero Lisin and Amanda Hawks


She had blonde hair, green eyes. she was also slim and beautiful.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 8

Odds: 8-1

Day One:

Amelia and the other Career's participated in the bloodbath. She quickly ran to the Cornucopia. After getting what she wanted she ran out and wached as Quinthia Sandstorm killed Malek Rath. Suddenly Levi DeCruzjumps on her back but she kills him with her axe.


At day two the Career's encounter Baton Ridge and Kallum Briget. They starts running after them but Amelia is killed by Kallum's trap.


At the bloodbath she killed Levi DeCruz from District 6.