Amanda was the female tribute from District 8 during The 220th Annual Hunger Games. Her district-partner was Malek Rath. Amanda placed 6th out of 28.

Amanda was 16 years old.


Amanda was allied with the Career's along with Amelia Lockhart, Josh Eagleye, Quinthia Sandstorm, Brick Bombard and Antero Lisin


Amanda had dirty blonde hair in a ponytail. She had blue-ish eyes.

The GamesEdit

Training score: 9

Odds: 6-1

Day one:

Amanda and the other Career's fights in the bloodbath. Amanda, Josh Eagleye and Brick Bombard see's True Miaell, Baton Ridge and Kallum Briget. They starts running away but Amanda chases True and kills her.

Day Two:

Amanda and the other Career's spots Kallum Briget and Baton Ridge. They starts chasing them but stops when Amelia Lockhart is killed by Kallum's trap.

Day Three:

Amanda and the career's goes out hunting for tributes and they find Burgandy Rip. He's killed by an other Career.

Day Four:

Amanda and her half-brother Josh Eagleye betrays the Careers. Amanda kills Antero in his sleep but her brother is quickly killed by Quinthia Sandstorm. Amanda runs away.

Day Five:

Amanda is upset about her brothers death.


Amanda attends the feast and see's Baton Ridge getting his bag. She runs after him and yells "Stop". He stops and she kills him with her sword. She took his bag and when she turned around Capri Pinore stood there and slit her throat.


In the bloodbath Amanda killed True Miaell from District 11.

At day four Amanda kills Antero Lisin from District 4 while he sleeps.

At day six, only seconds before her own death, she kills Baton Ridge from District 11.